The Wellness Principle

Napa Valley | East Bay

Everyday Wellness and Integrative Cancer Support


The Wellness Principle is rooted in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, which boasts a medical history of 5,000 years. It is from this foundation we are committed to and value the evolution of integrative medicine for wellness. Our philosophy and approach is not linear, because we recognize that your mind and body aren’t either.

We believe optimal health is not achieved nor maintained by just one form of medicine or another, but through an integrative lens that observes the whole person. The Wellness Principle embraces scientific research alongside holistic approaches that yields effective treatment strategies, with the primary goal of making you thrive.

How do we achieve this?  Simply put, health and wellness is an everyday kind of thing.  It all comes down to the small, daily changes that create a long term, synergistic effect on the mind and body. We strive to teach and empower our patients to take charge of their own health and wellbeing, because treatment by a doctor should be the exception, not the rule. As the adage says in Chinese medicine,

“A good doctor never has a sick patient.”

We passionately believe that preventative medicine is the highest form of medicine. It is not merely enough to live a long life, but to live a vibrant, healthy, independent life.